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A self-managed work culture is a sign of trust for business intelligence professional Anni

twoday 18.10.2021

At the start of her Business Intelligence career, Anni Moilanen worked on SQL queries, reporting and later on finance sector BI projects. Anni’s ambition was to get involved with larger and more influential projects, and she was exhilarated when she got a job offer from Visma Consulting in 2018.

“My current role is a combination of data-based business development and internal development tasks, so I feel that my educational background supports this career very well.”

In addition to her major in information science, she also studied mathematics, psychology and business.
Anni’s official title is Senior BI Consultant, and she works on customer projects as a senior developer and project lead. She is responsible for project management, which involves work methods, timetables, specifications, the organisation of testing and stakeholder cooperation.

In her work, Anni finds fulfilment in implementing concrete technical projects as well as mentoring junior developers; she is one of her business unit’s coaches.

“Coach is an internal role here, and it involves handling various internal affairs from recruitment and orientation training to performance reviews and employee well-being."



Anni explains that the support goes smoothly both ways, and her own business unit’s consultants’ career paths and diverse backgrounds make for a highly effective ensemble.

“Our experts come from diverse educational backgrounds and career backgrounds, and nearly half of our team are native speakers of languages other than Finnish. However, our interest towards data and business development through data is something that we all share.”



Since 2018, Anni has seen her business unit grow at a tremendous rate. In three years, the number of her colleagues has nearly tripled from the 25 employees the unit had when she started.

“At Visma Consulting, I really like the self-managed work culture that is guided by a spirit of entrepreneurship. This provides lots of opportunities and allows employees to work in a way that best suits them and produces the best end result for the customer. Trust is placed in the employees and their expertise.”

Direct communication is seen as something that inspires trust also in the customers. There is no need for additional people to handle communications, as the business intelligence consultants themselves are in daily contact with the customers. However, working independently does not mean working alone.

“My colleagues at Visma Consulting are extremely competent, and I know that I can get help whenever I need it.”

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