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A teammate brought Antti into the world of data-driven leadership

twoday 25.10.2021

Antti Koivumäki, who lives in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, is used to measuring his work performance. He is a competitive athlete and an expert in data-driven leadership with an educational background in communication and information technology.

In spring 2019, he started working in data warehousing and reporting at Visma Consulting, after Niko, who played in the same futsal team, recommended a place for Antti in his team.

“Currently, data warehousing (SQL) and reporting is what I want to do. It is also very inspiring to have a supervisor who understands me and supports me in finding a balance between my work and free time,” says Antti.

What makes the work rewarding comes in part from having large Finnish companies as customers. From time to time, Antti himself may be the one who is in the role of a consumer purchasing from the company to whom he does business development consulting for at work.


Antti greatly appreciates the flexibility of work at Visma Consulting, which allows time for physical exercise and makes it possible to negotiate a nice balance between work and the rest of his life. He says that he occasionally needs to take leave due to games with the Finnish national team, and he has always managed to get things sorted.


Antti has a strong development mindset that is not limited only to his work career. He has played team sports, such as football and futsal, his whole life. In sports, you naturally look at the team’s common and individual statistics and overall development.

After moving to futsal from football, I noticed that it had more rhythm – more high-octane situations – and I liked it,” says Antti.



Antti finds it amusing that the games he played as a futsal professional in 2016–2017 in front of thousands of people as the goalkeeper of a Romanian team sometimes made him less nervous than holding a presentation for a small number of people or a customer at work. 


For Antti, the remote work recommendation of 2020 was no problem. He has succeeded in holding onto a work rhythm that suits him, in addition to finding a balance between his work and free time. 

Antti feels that he also keeps constantly developing in work time management, as he constantly has to make time for maintenance work and individual tasks around the fixed meetings in his calendar. “It is nice to have this degree of variability in my work days and weeks,” nods Antti.


If the working methods and office culture change more towards a permanent hybrid model of remote work and in-office work in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, it is fine by Antti. Working with both the team and the customers has been natural for him, regardless of whether the work has taken place in his own living room or at the office.

My supervisor and Visma Consulting in general have made it possible for me to find success in remote work,” says Antti. 


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