Software development

What we do

We design, manage and implement software development from A to Z regardless of the technology and supplier: we do not impose any technology but always look for and build the most suitable solution for the customer. Just tell us your problem and we will solve it.

Our strengths include:

  • Strong expertise in software and product development throughout the lifecycle from one place
  • Service design and implementation of user-driven digital services
  • Software development consultation: e.g. architecture, service design, cloud services, DevOps, data security and quality assurance
  • Sound experience and references in demanding projects in the public and private sectors

Software development services

From us, you will get the entire service package: whether it’s about product concept creation, tailored software development, user interface design, increase of customer insight and user-orientation or project management.

Software development and consulting services
  • Architecture consulting and specification services
  • Application design, implementation and maintenance
  • Project design, project management office (PMO) services, project manager services, project management support as well as organisation and coordination tasks
  • Information management development and administration
  • Testing consulting and other quality assurance services
  • System and data security audits
  • Content management systems expert work
  • Digital services and digital business development

Contract development as part of the customer’s team

We help when there is a need for an additional pair of hands in the customer’s team, for example, by providing extra capacity or experts in a certain field. The experts will work under the customer’s project management similarly as the organisation’s own employees.

Product development services

We offer product development services under the turnkey principle: from an idea to a finished software product or service.

  • Conceptualisation and user interface demos
  • Product development and its project management throughout the product development lifecycle
  • Production and maintenance of a product or service

Service design and user interface design (UX / UI)

Service design refers to the development of services and customer experience using user-driven methods. This is how we ensure that the solution fulfills the user’s needs and service provider’s business goals.

We help our customers place users at the heart of design and decision making. Through engaging methods, such as interviews and observations, we obtain information about the users’ needs and requirements concerning the services and products. The earlier these needs are identified in the development process, the smoother and more cost-effective the implementation will be.

With service design, we ensure smooth and easy-to-use services for all situations. We are experts in:

  • Increasing customer and user insight
  • Improving the user experience and usability of a product or service
  • Visual modelling of user and service paths 
  • Prototyping and user interface design
  • Improving digital service accessibility

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