Lead the digital transformation

What we do

We support you in managing digitalisation and developing digital operations – from strategy to idea, from design into development and maintenance.

For digital transformation leadership, we offer:
  • Data and digital strategies and implementation plans
  • Change management consulting and support
  • Design, conceptualisation and development of digital products and services
  • Cloud service design and effective utilisation
  • Data security consulting

How we can help you

We are here for you when you are searching for answers to these questions:
  • What does digitalisation mean for my organisation?
  • How do I plan and lead changes?
  • How could I better understand our customers?
  • Which technologies and services are available and what do we need?
  • Do we need something new or could we develop what we have now?
  • How could technology help to create shared ways of working?

Digitalisation management services

For digital transformation we offer you a vision, ideas, practical plans, management support, better customer understanding and turnkey implementations.

The tasks may include, for example, design of the organisation’s operations, development of a new concept and technology or everything starting from the idea to deployment and all the way to continuous support and maintenance.

Digital transformation strategy

A good strategy creates a solid foundation for development. Understanding what digitalisation means to your organisation and customers, where you are at the moment, where you should be and how to get there all help in harnessing technology in the most effective way to ensure future success.

Data strategy

As data is the basis for all operations and success, we help our customers design how to collect and utilise data in a way to get the full benefits for the whole organisation.

  • We design data architectures and roadmaps.
  • We help with data management.
  • We coach our customers to better utilise data.

Concept and product development

We create innovative digital service and product concepts if there are no existing solutions available or they are not sufficient. We offer you product development services under the turnkey principle: From an idea to a finished software product or service and all the way into production and maintenance.

Service design

We help you understand the customers’ and users’ genuine needs and design digital services that are guaranteed to work, are easy to use and look good.

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Cloud services

We ensure interference-free operations and take care of everything – from cloud service design to implementation and daily operations.

We use all cloud platforms (e.g. Azure, AWS and Google) and help our customers transfer to the cloud, regardless of the technology and supplier.

Data security consulting

A high data security level is incorporated in everything we do. We perform data security audits, consulting and development and ensure that the services are compliant with all the data security requirements.

Sales management

We offer the technology to lead sales and help build sales processes and customer relationship management models with which you can improve your multichannel sales, develop existing customer relationships and acquire new customers in an optimal manner.

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