Smooth operations and intelligent automation

What we do

We build a better digital everyday life and smooth e-services through intelligent automation and effective technology. In addition to our technical expertise, we support your organisation in operational changes and process development. We implement the changes smoothly so that you can:

  • Fully utilise the opportunities provided by digitalisation
  • Make the everyday life of your customers easier with successful digital services
  • Smooth your own operations by building shared operating methods, automating processes and creating transparency in daily activities through data

How we can help you

We combine the customer’s business understanding with our strong technology competence and fresh views on digital services and processes. This is how we create positive change.

Contact us if your daily operations feel challenging, unnecessary manual work is burdensome, data is all over the place or customers are dissatisfied with the poor service. Let’s get things sorted out together.

Process development and automation services

We provide you with functional solutions for all customer interactions and internal processes through data, intelligent automation and state-of-the-art digital services.


Customer service process and customer experience development

We offer the technology, automation and smart ways of working for the development of all customer and service processes and customer experience, and for streamlining your operations.


eBusiness Suite and e-services: A software platform enabling digitalisation and automation of service processes. An easy-to-use low-code platform designed especially for the public sector which is based on open standards and technologies and integrates agilely with other systems. With the eBS platform, you can handle all actions related to e-services, service processes and case management. Our other services, such as document management and digital archiving as well as electronic signature, are seamlessly linked to the platform.

ESM: A service management and ticketing system that enables comprehensive and clear management of service requests and digitalisation and automation of the organisation’s services. The system includes the service portal, service request and documentation management and can be extended to include archiving, electronic signing and e-meeting service solutions.

Flow CC Suite: A customer service system which can effortlessly be linked to AI, automation and customer experience measurement. The solution includes an effective intelligence routing and covers all the service channels, including the topical WhatsApp service. It is easy to integrate the CC Suite contact center with any business process, and it can be scaled to meet the needs of your company.

Flow CX 360: Real-time measurement and development of customer experience for all channels and touchpoints. Standardised NPS, CES and CSAT metrics, social listening and the advanced Voice of Customer technology provide a reliable picture of the customer experience and enable rapid responses.

Salesforce: Customer interaction management and data-based 360 view on customer relationships on one of the most powerful platforms on the market. With the Service Cloud and Experience Cloud solutions, you can put your customer service in order. Salesforce is a package which also includes all the sales and marketing tools. We were the first Salesforce partner in Finland, and we still have the field’s best experts in Finland.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: A perfect customer relationship management solution to boost your services and operational processes. Dynamics 365 is interlinked with the entire Microsoft solution selection, and we also provide all the services related to sales, marketing, communication, document management and similar. We are the leading D365 company in Finland and a Microsoft Gold partner.

Business process management and process development

The most logical and effective way to develop a business is by a process-based approach.
From the business process management point of view it is vital to define the most important value streams and improve them to bring added value to the customers in the most efficient way.

By using the most advanced development methods, we make sure that the reformations lead to coherent, repeatable and high-performing results.

Business Process Management (BPM) helps to analyse, develop and manage business processes which support achieving your business goals.

Business process management is more than Lean, Six Sigma or other development methods – it is a broad philosophy that takes into account all the important elements of managing a business. All of our business process development services are based on this BPM-philosophy.

We offer:

  • All the help you need on your path to business process management (e.g. BPM-framework, business model, organisational structure, process map)
  • Business process modelling (e.g. Blueworks Live)
  • Process planning, development and analysis (e.g. BPM, Lean, Six Sigma)
  • Process development workshop facilitation
  • Support in building a Center of Excellence for process development and automation

Successful process automation requires understanding of the current state of your business processes. Business process management is an excellent tool for gaining this knowledge.

Process automation and robotic process automation (RPA)

Process automation

Process automation allows you to make your business run smoother while making it easier to manage and more transparent. By defining and formalising processes, repetitive and fixed elements of the workflow can be automated.

Automations can be implemented in several ways: by using automation interfaces in existing applications, robotic process automation, business process engines or decision services. A well implemented automation allows people to focus on more meaningful work and complex tasks.

We offer:

  • A comprehensive vision for business-driven process automation
  • Solid expertise and experience in the strategic design and practical implementation of process automation projects
  • Process automation training from business-driven development to tools and methods

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation is used to automate daily routine tasks, allowing people to spend their time on tasks requiring mental work. A robot can repeat the steps carried out by the employees, reducing the number of mistakes and the time spent on monotonous manual tasks.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive assistance in process automation, not limited to only RPA
  • Solid RPA expertise (UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, IBM RPA, Robot Framework)
  • Support in scaling RPA
  • RPA training from development to deployment
Intelligent hyperautomation

Lotta Hyperautomation combines an AI which is capable of understanding and learning natural language with robotic process automation and business process automation. This can be summarised with nifty abbreviations: AI + NLU + ML + RPA + BPA = time saving, better results and happier people.

Lotta Hyperautomation enables smooth cooperation between people and technology. It can be used to automate tasks that used to require manual work, such as order processing and invoicing. This frees up time for people to focus on more meaningful and impactful work.

In customer service, Lotta Hyperautomation can be used to automatically process several dozens of per cents of customer messages and automatically categorise, prioritise and route the messages, if necessary, also for further processing in other systems.

Lotta Hyperautomation is a part of the Flow package, which also includes a customer service system and customer experience measurement tools. Flow efficiently combines different technologies to serve the business operations, which means that the customer can get everything from one provider.

Electronic signature

In support of digital services, processes and workflows, we offer tailored electronic signing services for demanding needs. A high data security level, strong authentication methods, adaptability and extensive integration opportunities are included in both of our solutions.

X-Sign: An EIDAS-compliant software platform for the public sector’s electronic signing processes and workflows.

Signom: An electronic signing service especially for large companies with complex organisation structures and signing processes which require automated workflows and multiple integrations.

Electronic archiving and case management

We have everything you need for case and document management and archiving. All our solutions are SÄHKE2-certified and function both as stand-alone services as well as seamlessly combined together.

X-Archive: An electronic archiving system for the public administration – for all documents and file formats, from all sources, in one place and behind a single interface.

The strengths of the solution are long-term storage of unchanged data and files, easy browser-based use, extensive search functionalities and data lifecycle management. X-Archive is being used, for example, in patient record management, payroll and financial administration, building inspection and education systems.

X-Archive is Finland’s first SÄHKE2-certified storage system, and due to its differentiated system architecture, an extremely safe way to store data. X-Archive is open interfaces’ vendor neutral archive (VNA) system, which enables all file formats and metadata models.

Document management: A document management solution for clear lifecycle management and easy usability of all types of documents and images. This solution, which is based on open source code, ensures that your documents are always up to date and easy to find whenever you need them. The solution is suitable for all types of documents, such as agreements, instructions of use as well as patient and care instructions.

Case Manager: A case management solution for easy and comprehensive case management of the entire organisation.

TOJ: A records management system that covers reliable and easy-to-use records management of the entire organisation as well as lifecycle management of data.

Digital platforms for collaboration

Microsoft 365 offers a full range of software for modern digital collaboration, communications, data management and sharing. Make your everyday life easier, increase the productivity of teamwork and boost your operations with the flexible Teams, Office and Sharepoint solutions.

Sales and marketing

We provide you with the necessary business and technology understanding as well as the industry-leading systems for sales and marketing needs. The right kind of solutions and expertise create transparency in daily operations, break down silos and improve cooperation and help you achieve your business goals.

Salesforce: Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based CRM system which offers sales the tools they need to perform better. We help our customers both in system deployment and also in its efficient use and further development.

With the Pardot and Marketing Cloud solutions, you can carry out marketing that will have an impact on your business and demonstrate clear monetary results of the measures. These tools take care of e.g. marketing automation, lead development, marketing results analytics and timely targeted, personalised marketing messages.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: A single package including efficient sales and marketing tools which are smoothly linked to the Microsoft ecosystem. The comprehensive CRM system increases the productivity of your sales organisation and makes the daily work of the sales people easier. The offering also includes everything you need for target group -based multichannel marketing, social media management and marketing analytics. We support our customers with technological aspects as well as the needed organisational changes.

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