Lead with data and utilise AI

What we do

We help our customers design and lead business operations with the help of data, analytics, AI, optimisation and state-of-the-art data warehousing.

We offer the skills, tools and clear operating models for data-driven decision making and business development when you need:

  • Business visibility, predictability and planning
  • Actionable and valid data for decision making
  • Intelligent optimisation of operations or opportunities provided by AI

Data-driven leadership and AI services

Data, secure data management, high-quality data refining and utilisation in business leadership have become key success factors for companies.

We offer all the expertise you need to utilise data most effectively in the leadership and development of your company’s operations: starting from the data-related opportunities and data strategy, analytics and forecasting, budgeting and business planning all the way to mathematical optimisation of complex problems and processing mass data with AI.

Analytics, planning and data visualisation

We help you design and develop the data-driven leadership of your organisation:

  • You will get a better view on your operations and results
  • You can better plan and forecast your operations
  • You can see data in an understandable and utilisable format
  • You can simplify your operating methods and processes
  • You can speed up your decision making

We offer technology, design and implementation for all needs:

Reporting and visualisation enable easy data understanding and utilisation in decision making as well as in the result follow-up and presentation.

Budgeting, planning and forecasting offer views on the future business operations. We provide Anaplan solutions as the leading partner in Finland. Anaplan is currently one the most efficient and flexible tools for the planning and modelling of sales, finances and operational activities.

Profitability accounting improves monitoring and supports management in the most accurate level, for example by product or customer.

See the benefits of Anaplan

Optimization and prescriptive analytics

Many companies seek cost savings, smoother customer experiences, faster deliveries, better availability, etc. These are often demanding issues with no easy solutions. With mathematical optimization we can however solve many complex problems more efficiently than humans – and do more with less resources.

Optimization can be used in decision making and simulation of its results: for example, if the transport fleet is being renewed by purchasing type X vehicles, by how much will the kilometres driven or total costs be reduced?

Optimization is ideal to use when several interlinked decisions are made simultaneously, which have a big combined effect and can be evaluated in terms of quality at the time of making the decision.

The optimization model creates a simple framework for decision making: what do you want to achieve, which issues can be affected and which limitations must be considered? On the basis of this, we will implement the optimization solution that will speed up the decision making, facilitate preparations for different situations and create cost savings.

We build tailored optimization models as part of existing software or as separately functioning packages. We can take care of the optimization management or you can do it yourself.

As a proof of our competence, we have been awarded the first Premier level partnership in the Nordic countries by the world leading optimisation tool developer Gurobi.

Optimization can be effectively used:

  • To optimize logistics, for example, in route planning between several destinations, effective utilization of the cargo space and combining transports from taxi trips to sea freight
  • In planning and scheduling, for example, intelligent automatization of shift planning with the VuoroÄly solution
  • In price optimization
  • In balancing the supply chain and warehouse
  • In boosting the production processes (the correct production order, schedule optimization, etc.)


Optimization Current State Assessment – Kick-start towards optimized business processes

Most of your processes can be optimized or proven optimal by data science. Increase your productivity through automated or assisted decision making using state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Are you using your resources in the best possible way?
  • Is your organization capable of reacting to changes quickly and accurately?
  • Which changes would bring about the most impact with the least effort?

Make sure you’re getting the most value of your resources by doing a Current State Assessment of your key decision processes.

Learn more about the service

Data warehousing

With up-to-date data warehousing, you can harness data from different sources into effective use. In order to facilitate the forecasting and running of the business operations and finances, we design and implement powerful data warehouses, help manage and refine data and handle the support, maintenance and continuous development. Our services include:

  • Data architecture and strategy design
  • Data management models and data governance consulting
  • Automation of data warehousing with the most efficient solutions on the market (Data Vault 2.0 and TimeXtender)
  • Azure data platform and cloud migrations (we are Microsoft’s Co-sell partner, i.e. on the highest partnership level.)
  • Power Platform design and consultation (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate)
  • Agile low-code and no-code applications for demanding needs
  • Automation of manual business processes and modernisation of outdated solutions
  • IoT and IIoT -projects in which the collected data can be refined and utilised for different needs, such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance

From our own production line: The Data Vault 2.0 automation tool

The Data Vault-based data modelling and metadata-based data warehouse development enable manual work automation, simplify data downloads and business logic creation and accelerate and boost data modelling:

  • Data modelled in accordance with the standards can be refined for different purposes.
  • Due to the cloud architecture, costs are easily contained.
  • In-built performance monitoring, monitoring tools and support for real-time data transfers increase transparency and open up new opportunities for data utilisation.

AI and machine learning

We add AI to our services, which guides and prioritises work efficiently, takes care of tasks requiring manual work and constantly learns and improves on the basis of internal and external data.

We have created hyperautomation relying on AI, robotic process automation, business process automation, machine learning and natural language understanding which:

  • Understands natural language and context and is able to create text.
  • Categorises, prioritises, guides and automates work in a smart way.
  • Learns new things and develops itself constantly.
  • Integrates with other systems in a fixed or hybrid manner or as a cloud service

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