Expertise and technology for trans­formation

What we do

We help society and companies build better functioning daily operations, taking charge of the transformation and developing digital services that genuinely serve the user. Data may be in the cloud, but our feet are firmly on the ground and our hands busy.

Our tools include e.g. data and analytics, service design, software development, AI and robotic process automation.

In short: we use technology to make change real, everyday life smoother and tomorrow more carefree.

How we can help you

Lead the digital transformation

We support you in managing digitalisation and developing digital operations – from strategy to idea, from design into production and maintenance, when you need:

  • Data and digital strategies
  • Digitalisation change management consulting
  • Service and product design, conceptualisation and development

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Streamline operations and automate processes

We develop digital services and e-services with the help of process design, intelligent automation and technology, when you need:

  • Intelligent automation to streamline customer service, experience and processes
  • Smooth e-services and digital service experience
  • Efficient solutions for digital signing, case management, archiving and cooperation
  • Improvement of sales and marketing processes.

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Lead with data

We help you develop and control your business operations with business intelligence and planning, AI, optimisation, prescriptive analytics and data warehousing, when you need:

  • Visibility and predictability in business operations
  • Actionable and reliable data for decision making
  • Advanced optimisation or artificial intelligence for solving complex matters.

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Develop software that’s guaranteed to work

We design, lead and implement user-driven software and product development from A to Z, regardless of the chosen technology, when you need:

  • Software development strategy, processes and project management
  • Software and services designed to be user-centered
  • Digital product and service testing, quality assurance, architecture design, integration or DevOps.

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Technologies and our technology partners

We are a reliable partner for the largest technology suppliers. We have in-depth expertise, for example, in Azure, Power Platform, Anaplan, TimeXtender, Qlik, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Frends iPaaS, Liferay, Alfresco and Gurobi.

However, we are not bound by certain technologies, but we use verified platforms, software and technologies proven to be effective as part of the development work as necessary. Using these and the technologies developed by us and our expertise, we can build solutions that best serve our customers’ needs.

Quality policy and certifications

Our quality policy proves our commitment to high-quality product and service production to our stakeholders and personnel.

The starting point of all our operations is the understanding of our customers’ needs at all stages of the customer relationship. A customer-oriented approach requires a motivated and committed personnel which acts according to the company values. Everyone takes responsibility for their own work and, thereby, contributes to the superior end result.

We perceive quality as comprehensive actions to which the management and personnel of the company are committed, in all business units and tasks.

We monitor and measure our operations in order to continuously develop and improve the quality system, employee competence, entire organisation and organisational strategy.

We have undertaken to comply with the principles of ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards as well as the best quality practices, legislation concerning medical devices and high quality required when processing patient records.

The quality policy is discussed in the Management Team and approved by the CEO.

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